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Zairis TéJion - Nine One Oh (ALBUM)

Musician and Producer Zairis TéJion Fayetteville, NC native shares his summer project entitled Nine One Oh, named after Fayetteville's 910 city area code. This is a 16 track project with hard hitting drums, samples and melodies and timeless music for all ears and ages to hear. Featuring lyrical rhymes from Fayetteville, NC native Othell Shabazz. We highly recommend that you don't hit skip on any track to get the full experience of the album. To get the best experience, listen with headphones or through speakers with no interruptions. This album is most definitely a summer time vibe and a certified Ville Classic!

Check out the full project and track descriptions below!

Artist: Instagram/Twitter @ZairisTeJion

Label: Instagram @Sndsoul , Twitter @Sndsoul_

Featured Artists: Instagram/Twitter @OthellShabazz

Graphic Designer/Photographer: @cnmilez

Listen to the Nine One Oh Full Album

Track Descriptions

Track 1: The Ville

I wanted to start the project off with something dreamy strings and keys. This track made me feel like it was a hot summer day in Fayetteville with good vibes, blue Skies and Beautiful clouds. I find myself naming a lot of my tracks based off how they make me feel and or taking me back to a great time in life. The producer tag on this track is very special to me because it is my Son saying my name at the very beginning right before the beat drops. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be brown and Carolina blue.

Track 2: Blue Bronco

I named this track Blue Bronco simply because I am a Fayetteville State Alumni. I went to FSU (Fayetteville State University) , a HBCU, on a music scholarship. While attending , I marched on the band in the drumline. FSU mascot is a Bronco so henceforth why the title is Blue Bronco. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be blue.

Track 3: Nine One Oh

So this track , I wanted to start it off with some hard hitting bass and drums. Along with some smooth keys and futuristic sounds going back and forth in the speakers/headphones. If anyone knows me they know I am a SCI FI Futuristic Nerd lol. Nine One Oh (910) is the area Code of Fayetteville, NC. Honestly, this track makes me feel like I’m on a spaceship near the stars looking at my city in amazement. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be brown and blue and green.

Track 4: Villematics

When I created this track I instantly was amazed that I did! I'm always amazed with my music. So when the track starts you hear my producer tag along with some smooth shakers and a hard hitting bass with snare overlayed with a money coin sound effect. As the song smooths out within a few seconds you will hear the futuristic melody gradually rise. I came up with this name because it makes me think of aliens doing math to figure out something. So I then thought about the word Mathematics and Fayetteville…..I dropped the Fayette and dropped the Math and combined the names together coming up with Villematics. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be green.

Track 5: Sndsoul Forever

It's simple with this one , Sndsoul is an independent label I created back in 2019. So basically this is the theme music for the label as a whole. You also can hear this track at the beginning of all Sndsoul Videos with the intro video. When I created this track I wanted the snare to hit hard but be crisp at the same time, the kick and Bass had to be on point too so I made the sub bass 808 glide across the track and the kicks hard thumping so you can feel it in your soul. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be orange and tan.

Track 6: Two Six Well everyone from The Ville knows that Two Six is another name for the city. When I was creating this track I wanted it to feel warm and embracing but give you that late 90s early 00’s head noddin’ vibe. I wanted to start it off hitting hard to catch the listeners attention and keep their heads noddin’. I ended up at the last minute adding some grand piano keys throughout the track to give it a better vibe. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be orange and red.

Track 7: Mind Elevation Pt.2 (Remix) Ft. Othell Shabazz

Mn where do I start! Othell Shabazz, my homie for over 10 years since high school. We have been making music and rocking with each other's music since day one!! I consider him a brother!! The original track is from me and Othell Shabazz Album “The Real”. I wanted to remix this track musically and keep the same vocals but give it a different vibe. When the track starts you immediately hear Nas talking, a scene from Belly. This movie is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time and has helped me craft how I see things. I say that because the visuals for this movie was crazy, the colors, the cinematography! Dope! The conciseness of different things as well! We all need to elevate our Mind and choose to be positive and do right. Like Spike Lee Do The Right Thing. When I was creating this track I literally was in my studio with all blue lights just like the scene you hear in the beginning.Im glad I added hue lights all in my studio. But yea, I wanted to get the vibe right and just go in. I even put some reggae/dancehall vocals in the background throughout the track. Literally made this track at like 2am. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be blue.

Track 8: Hallelujah

This track really is one of my favorites. I say that because the sample I used is someone actually saying Hallelujah soulfully. I love gospel music and how it makes me feel so I wanted to flip this sample and make some heads Nod and some trunks bump! When I was creating this track it was a sunny Sunday in The Ville and I was listening to some gospel and was like , I want to sample a gospel vocal. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be yellow.

Track 9: North Carolina Breeze

This track started off with some soulful bass guitar and Acoustic guitar. When I was creating this track I was outside going through some old tracks and came across an unfinished track which is North Carolina Breeze. So I decided to finish it up and add some acoustic drums over the guitars and added keys. North Carolina has an amazing breeze during the summer, but you have to catch it while you can because it will get real hot quickly lol. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be really light blue.

Track 10: In The Light

This track sounds so majestic and dreamy to me, and then when the drums come in!! They hittin’ real hard!! Definitely will have your trunk knockin’!! The snares on this are very crisp and precise. The sample for this track is from a song I loved as a kid and I chopped it up and made it my own. I love how the voice goes back and forth and the melodies that it has. Honestly, one of my favorite tracks I worked on for this project. I could listen to it all day. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be yellow.

Track 11: Ville Love

When I found this sample it definitely made me feel like a summer day in The Ville with your bae just vibes. That Ville love , real love type vibe. I added some 808 sub bass to this and made sure it was gliding on the beat in different keys but same notes to give it that sauce. Wanted the snare to be like it's kind of hitting the rim of the snare. I overlayed a snare on the rim shot too. I love how the harps, strings, bells and vocals all blend together. All this put together sounds like pure love. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be Red.

Track 12: Smooth Operator Ft. Othell Shabazz

Ohhhhhhmaaaaannnnnnn!! This has to be the smoothest track I’ve ever made!! And my Bro Othell Shabazz added that flavor to it with his lyrical precise technique and smooth adlibs overlayed on his verse. So when this track starts you hear bells going back and forth with an orchestra. Then when the beat drops , that’s when you hear that smooth bass and me talking over the beat giving it that real hip hop vibe. I wanted to take people back to a time where hip hop was real and organic, smooth yet abrasive. Then my bro Othell Shabazz comes in with those lyrics tho! Hitting’ straight out the box!! You also will hear a beat switch up on this track too!! This track as a whole gives me that 90s summertime city vibe. Me and Othell wanted this track to sound raw and uncut like how hip hop used to be and I believe we definitely delivered that to the world. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be black and white.

Track 13: Hay St.

So this track gives me a vibe of chillin 'on a street downtown Fayetteville called Hay St. I love this street because it's where I find peace and go to recharge. It's where a peaceful protest was held and J. Cole even walked alongside on this street during that time. This is honestly the only city vibe in The Ville lol. When I created this I wanted to give it a chill but soulful smooth feel to it. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be brown and orange.

Track 14: Carolina Blue

This track is so soothing and calming to me, it gives me that Carolina Blue feel. Sunny, Beautiful clouds and good vibes. Cruising through the city or on I-95 South. When I was creating this track it was a calm day and I wanted to make something calming. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be Carolina Blue.

Track 15: 6PM in Fayetteville

It was 6PM in The Ville and I was in my studio vibe to some old records from my vinyl collection and came across a melody I really was feeling so I recreated the vibe and added some soul to it. This track reminds me of a beat off Nas' album Illmactic. When I was creating this track I wanted to keep it chill but give some futuristic vibes too. You will hear some synthesizer keys going back and forth in the speakers along with some smooth Rhodes. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be Blue.

Track 16: Peace

I really resonated with this track because it reminds me of 70s singing groups and how elegant and organic their music was. I didn’t really want to do much to this sample, I just wanted to make sure the drums were precise and not overpowering so the listeners could Catch a smooth chill vibe. Definitely a great way to end the project. When I was creating this track I immediately came up with the word Peace. I really love how I brought the drums in slowly rising to the sample. This track made me feel at Peace and also at Peace about my project as a whole and ending it on a good note. If I had to pick a color to represent this song it would be purple.


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