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4th Of July At Segra Stadium

Segra Stadium was packed on 4th of July here in FAYNC with a total of 6,482 fans in attendance! This game was by far a different experience from the packed stadium to the fireworks after the game. The weather tried to stop the game but it didnt work at all! The Woodpeckers Staff was already prepared with a tarp to protect the field while it rained for only a matter of 30 mins or so. After that, the game resumed and The Woodpeckers was back at it! Following the game, Fireworks lit up Segra Segra Stadium! Not your ordinary fireworks, we talking BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! FIREWORKS that keep you wondering what was going to come next! Although The Wodpeckers took a loss, it still was a great game and experience for the 4th of July in FAYNC! Below you will see some photos The FAYNC Photographers got from the Game!


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