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Cover Designed by

FAYNC MAG Art Director , Christina Miles @cnmilez

Its Spring and we are springing forward with our fourth Issue! Our Spring magazine releases often carry an air of excitement and renewal, much like the season itself. As nature blooms and the world awakens from winter slumber, FAYNC Magazine bursts forth with fresh content, vibrant imagery, and new perspectives of the city.

For readers, spring issues offer a welcome opportunity to explore a variety of topics. Scrolling through this issue, readers can immerse themselves in the dynamic stories, interviews, photos and features curated by the magazine's editorial team. From the perspective of those involved in creating the magazine, a spring release marks the pinnacle of months of hard work, creativity, and collaboration. Writers, photographers, designers, and editors come together to craft great narratives, capture dope visuals, and design layouts that captivate readers on each page.

Overall, a spring magazine release embodies the spirit of the season – a time of growth, renewal, and fresh beginnings. It's a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the power of storytelling to inspire, entertain, and inform. Big shoutout to everyone that played a big role in this issue! Shout out to all that were involved!

Tips for reading this issue!

  • Best read on desktop to get the full experience of each spread

  • Read the whole magazine in order to go along our journey of carefully curated content

  • Set aside time to really immerse yourself into the magazine as whole, including video content

  • Share the issue with friends and family to have impactful discussions about each topic

Animation by

FAYNC MAG Founder & Editor In Chief, Zairis T. Miles @ZairisTeJion

SPRING FORWARD PLAYLIST, A collection of songs that uplift your mood, inspire positivity, and reflect the beauty of the season

But wait theres more............


Beyond the content itself, this spring magazine release can also be a social event. A celebration to help generate buzz and engage with the community, readers, subscribers, and followers. It's an opportunity for the magazine to connect with its audience on a in person level, get more insight and talk to each memeber of the team to get a more in depth story behind particular things in the magazine. Enjoying great vibes and building anticipation for future releases while celebrating the achievments of the spring 2024 issue! RSVP to attend our SPR24 Release Celebration below!

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