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"Our People" Exhibition Draws Crowds of Art Enthusiasts and Supporters

Photos taken by FAYNC Magazine Staff Photographer Asheton Bennett 

Vibrant hues, laughter, dancing, and black art galore...can you envision it? If you missed out on the opening night of the exhibit "Our People: The Black Influence in Contemporary Culture" let's run it back and give you a glimpse into a night of excitement and celebration of black artistry.

The night was filled with eager art lovers and artists alike to witness the unveiling of this highly-anticipated exhibition curated by FAYNC's own, Collyn Strother at the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County. As the doors to the gallery opened the crowd grew in anticipation to support their fellow friends, family members, and new acquaintances in support of the FAYNC art scene!

Photos taken by FAYNC Magazine Staff Photographer Jalantai McClendon

Attendees mixed and mingled as DJ Fudgee provided the vibes. Along with the beautiful art, the event also included live performances from some of FAYNC's favorite artists. Poet Keith Sowell recited a selection of poems that captivated everyone under the sound of his powerful voice. If you are familiar with Sowell's poetic style, then there is no question that he came and fully delivered an outstanding performance! I've always enjoyed his outspoken and thought-provoking monologues- this time giving us his introspective look on the black experience. Next on the program was The Social Contract TSC, comprised of local FAYNC musical artists Malcolm Chester and Rob: Earth-One. When I tell you, them boys good! They really are an amazing duo that lit up the night with their performances and lyrical artistry giving us some real music to bop to and reflect on.

Photos taken by FAYNC Magazine Staff Photographer Jalantai McClendon

Although the live performances kept the crowds entertained, the visual art was the highlight of the evening and a true testament to collaboration and talent within the FAYNC community. The turnout for this opening event was such a success that the crowds gathered around the work to meet and greet with the artists and get close-up views of the work displayed. It was such a great selection of works and I expected nothing less from Strother as the exhibition's curator. There was a mix of mediums from acrylic to oil on canvas, to textile, to mixed media, photography, and then some! Providing everyone with an outstanding selection of expressions of the black influence in contemporary culture. View the full listing of works displayed here.

Photos taken by FAYNC Magazine Staff Photographers Jalantai McClendon and Asheton Bennett

Needless to say, if you were not at the opening night, you missed out on some dope live performances and vibes, but the amazing artwork will continue to be on display at The Arts Council until March 2, 2024. I highly recommend you view the work and support this collection of artists in celebration of black culture.

With Peace and Love,


Art Director & Admin Lead

FAYNC Magazine

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