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Photo Series: Exploring HBCU History, Architecture, and Art Through the Lens: A Photo Journey of FSU

"My thought process for the photos that I have shared would be highlighting a bit of history, architecture, and art that maybe some people have not noticed or that you see every day, depending on the person in FAYNC...

Fayetteville State University (FSU) is of course a Historical Black College (HBCU) in our town, so of course that is something you can't forget.

Evans Metropoliton AME Zion Church is a large church and one that even I was not familiar with, being one of the oldest in our town, organized in 1801. I also wanted to tie in how Christianity has been very important in many black families.

We pass these murals every day on our way to work, school, or home. The murals are something I always look for when passing on Langdon St. It's always nice to see that they update it!"

JaLantai McClendon,

FAYNC Magazine Staff Photographer

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