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Wobble in Moons Orbit, record floods on Earth.

Forthcoming changes in the moon’s orbit could have disastrous effects on the United States.

According to a newly published report, researchers at NASA and the University of Hawaii predict a “wobble” in the moon’s orbit, this is combined with rising sea levels due to climate a change, which will cause world record flooding the country’s coastal cites.

NASA explains thoroughly that these floods will most likely occur in bunches that last a month or longer, meaning their impact will be much more severe than usual, depending on the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

“When the moon and Earth line up in specific ways with each other and the sun, the resulting gravitational pull and the ocean’s corresponding response may leave city dwellers coping with floods everyday or two”, read the study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

NASA Researchers hope that their new findings will motivate state and local leaders to take the necessary actions and precautions for flood preparations.


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