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Be Free

Do you wanna be happy, do you wanna be free? Well, only you can answer that question. We recently shot a drone video over Downtown FAYNC on a beautiful day. This video has a track from FAYNC native Jermaine Cole best know for his rap name J. Cole. The song simply asks you do you wanna be free, do you wanna be happy and then goes on to dive into different things you would want to be free from. As some of us know, this track is from one of J. Cole's most remembered album "2014 Forest Hills Drive". Really take the time to listen to this track , the lyrics are powerful. Along with the song, the video aesthetics will definitely have you feeling like your literally flying over Downtown FAYNC and feeling free. So, take the time to ask yourself the question Do I wanna be happy, do I wanna be free. Choose wisely.

Be Free Video

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