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We are very HYPE to share our Third Issue with you all! Our theme this Issue is “FAYETTEVILLE IN BLOOM” This Magazine Issue will officially release March 24th!! Shout out to all that were involved! The magazine will be viewable digitally on our website. Be sure to share this blog post to push out the awesome news!

Our cover story features Fayetteville Stingers Team Market Owner, Kenneth Bishop. We can't wait to share with you the stories featured in our Spring issue, stay tuned!

A Little More About the Cover!

The cover photo was taken by one of our many great photographers, Mace Currie @ohgoshmace and edited by FAYNC MAG Photographer, Jalantai McClendon @jalantai

The cover was co-designed by our awesome Art Director + Admin Lead, Christina Miles @cnmilez and FAYNC MAG Graphic Designer, Carla West @leidinoir!

Zairis T. Miles @ZairisTeJion

Founder + Editor In Chief

FAYNC Magazine

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