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Get Familiar With FAYNC MAG Founder & Editor In Chief!

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Zairis TéJion Miles, Founder of FAYNC MAGAZINE multi-instrumentalist music producer, Barber, Creative, Army Veteran, Fayetteville native strives to set the tone in Fayetteville.

“It all started with a vision , to create an outlet to show the city of Fayetteville in a different aspect. Especially since I graduated high school from here and attended Fayetteville State University, the city can be viewed in different ways both good and bad. I wanted to make a change to that Bad view and showcase the good. After my time in the Army, I wanted to create something new for the city. To really show that Fayetteville is more than a small town. It is full of great creatives, restaurants, great businesses and so much more. It’s time to showcase the city of Fayetteville in a whole new way! I’m looking forward to building this brand and being community driven while doing so.”

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