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Fostering Community, Dialogue, and Growth through the Black Artist Forum Pt. II

The Black Artist Forum Pt. II was an event to foster community, dialogue, and growth among artists. By passing the mic around and inviting input from participants, it became a collective space for sharing experiences, insights, and ideas on what's needed to thrive as artists in the local community.

This event was curated by Black Artist Forward (BAF), which continues to meet the needs of Black Artists in our community.

Photography by FAYNC Magazine Staff Photographer & Videographer Asheton Bennett

Such events play a crucial role in amplifying the voices of Black artists, providing them with a platform to express their perspectives, challenges, and aspirations. By centering the conversation on their experiences, the forum ensures that their needs and concerns are heard and addressed. Not only did the forum gather an array of Black artists in one space, but its location was also meaningful in that it was held at Marcus Doss Salon, a black-owned safe space in the FAYNC community.

The passing of the mic format encourages active participation and engagement from all attendees, creating a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. It fosters a sense of solidarity and mutual support among artists as they come together to brainstorm solutions, offer advice, and build connections.

Topics discussed in this forum ranged from access to resources and opportunities to challenges related to representation, diversity, and inclusion in the local arts scene and gatekeeping, among many other things. By addressing these issues head-on and collaboratively, the forum aims to help pave the way for a more equitable and thriving artistic community in FAYNC.

BAF is committed to being accountable to the forum attendees and creating impactful action sparked from the community discussion:

ACTION ONE: Launching a monthly roundtable discussion

"Our first action is creating a monthly space to discuss, share, and educate artists. Not just to commiserate but to take action and inspire action in others. Introducing BAF Change Makers Forum, dates to be announced soon."

ACTION TWO: Building a resource list

"We will be creating a directory of resources. Many artists fail from lack of access to the things they need to be successful. We need names and contacts to be able to create successful projects. We will leverage to be an Angie's List of and for black artists. Look for that rollout information coming soon."

ACTION THREE: Continuing free professional development courses

We need more professional development and mentoring opportunities for emerging artists. So we pledge to continue and broaden our courses and make them more accessible to our community. By providing in person and virtual options."

Watch our recap video of the Black Artist Forum Pt. II:

Learn more about BAF in our latest FMtv Interview:

Overall, The Black Artist Forum Pt. II was a vital space for empowerment, advocacy, and collective action, driving positive change and growth for artists in FAYNC. It embodied the spirit of community-building and solidarity, ensuring that the voices and needs of Black Artists are not only heard but also actively supported and championed.

Zairis T. Miles

Editor In Chief

FAYNC Magazine

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