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Japanese Restaurant Setting The Tone In FAYNC!

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

ICHI KAKU JAPANESE Owner and Chef Yohei Kamiya photographed by FAYNC MAGAZINE Photographer

There is a new Japanese Restaurant in town and its called “ICHI KAKU JAPANESE RESTAURANT” ! Ever wanted to try street Japanese food? Well its here right in your city. You can find some great choices on the menu from Signature Entrees, Ramen, Appetizers and Japanese BBQ and more! Not only food, ICHI KAKU has merch as well! You can find all the merchandise through ICHI KAKU website. What a great way to brand the restaurant as it starts to flourish in FAYNC. After talking to Owner and Chef Yohei Kamiya, this is what he had to say “I definitely want to bring something new to the city and a different experience to Japanese Cuisine. When people hear Japanese Food they instantly think traditional experience of the cuisine t people never experience a street authentic Japanese Cuisine. Im glad I could bring the Japanese Street Food experience to the city." A little bit more about Yohei Kamiya. This great Chef relocated from NYC to NC and recently opened this past March here in Fayetteville. After visiting the restaurant, we can say that the food was amazing, the experience was superb, very inviting and a restaurant we recommend to try. All smiles and great vibes right when we walked through the door along with great and quick service. Follow the restaurant at @ichikaku.fay and Visit ICHI KAKU JAPANESE RESTAURANT website

All Photography taken by FAYNC MAGAZINE Photographer

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