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Recognizing Unsung Heroes: Celebrating the Contributions of Everyday Champions during Black History Month

As Black History Month unfurls, it's not only a reminder to consider the achievements and battles of our predecessors, but also to appreciate the heroes we see every day. The hero that's often overlooked. The truly great individuals. The heroes that walk among us, are often, willing to lend a helping hand. So for this, we give proper respect to the people who sacrificed for the ongoing struggle for equality and justice for Black Americans. Often we forget that black history month is not only a time to give homage to the past but also a time to acknowledge those who continue to uplift our communities. As we honor the giants of our past and celebrate the present during Black History Month, let us draw strength from the courage and resilience of our ancestors, and let us be inspired by the everyday heroes who continue to fight for a better future. Together, we can build on their legacies and create a community where every person is valued and respected.

We are Black History.


FAYNC Magazine Staff Writer/Editor

Photo of the audience attending Donnie McClurkin Concert in Downtown Fayetteville

Photo taken by FAYNC Magazine Editor & Chief Zairis T. Miles

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