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Woodpecker Highlights of Opening Week

Peace! It's ya girl, SWT, here with the real, the beautiful, and the hottest talk of the Ville! The Fayetteville Woodpeckers are claiming the field in their style, forming a beautiful legacy. Fayetteville has always been an emblem of progress, movement, and history. But, who knew our downtown baseball stadium could flourish the community, that it would stand as a place for families to grow, and would be home for resounding and impactful memories? The Segra Stadium adds to the spirit of Fayetteville, and there, the American tradition of good ole baseball lives on. So, let's get our hands dirty and dive into the Woodpecker Opening Week Highlights! Tuesday, April 4th, was the epic "Battle of the Villes," and Friday night, April 7th, was the season's opening game!


"Plaaaaay, Ball!"

The pretty moon floated in the black sky, embracing the downtown stadium. The Fayetteville Woodpeckers and Asheville Tourists went head to head at the "Battle of The Villes," an exhibition game. The weather was divine (but it wouldn't have hurt to wear bug spray). The atmosphere was calm yet had waves of climaxes and enthusiasm. Backlit, the downtown railroad felt like a painting behind the baseball field. As the train passed through our city, the horns blared a tune all Fayetteville residents have grown to know while the heat of the pitcher's throw flew like the train. Remarkably the players came ready to set the diamond ablaze.

Swift pitches, dynamite hits, and laughter were the peaks of the night. The sounds of the crowd roaring filled my ears, the smell of popcorn wafted around the skin of the atmosphere, and the feeling of being at a baseball game truly settled in. Ultimately, the Asheville Tourists had seven hits, and the Woodpeckers had 13 hits. They tied at 8-8!

Photos taken by FAYNC Magazine Photographer Jalantai McClendon


Rain rain go away!

Right off the bat, the brisk wind and rain showed no mercy. Red noses, thick toboggans, and cold rainfall welcomed the evening of Friday. Still, the weather did not prevent the fans from honoring the season's opening game between the Fayetteville Woodpeckers and the Carolina Mudcats. Unfortunately, the frigid rain suspended the game by the fifth inning, tying the Woodpeckers and Mudcats 1-1. Can you say, 'Brrrrrrr!! Life's a Pitch!' Nevertheless, the Woodpeckers will provide all scheduling updates.

Be sure to follow the events at the Segra Stadium and to come out to a baseball game. The Stadium holds features for all. General Manager Michelle Skinner stated, "It is great to have Fayetteville fans back in the ballpark. We got a handful of players from last year, so it is a lovely reunion for the fans and players. We are hoping to bring a little something for everyone in the community. So whether you're a baseball fan or not, something is happening at Segra Stadium this year, and it will be fun! It ranges from giveaways, fireworks, nights out with the family, and 4 for 44 (four tickets, four drinks, and four hotdogs for $44 on Sundays). A valuable experience at Segra Stadium is what we want to give to the community."

Video created by FAYNC Magazine Videographer Cairo Oliver + Zairis T. Miles

Photos taken by FAYNC Magazine Photographer Jalantai McClendon

There you have it- This season's opening week Fayetteville Woodpecker Highlights!

Be sure to catch the latest with the one and only FAYNCMAG. Peace! And most definitely, love.

Woodpecker Highlights of Opening Week


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