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Yo FAYNC Guess what? The former Holiday Inn Bordeaux is about to becoming an apartment complex!

Yo FAYNC Guess what!? The former Holiday Inn Bordeaux on Owen Drive is about to become an apartment complex with 235 units! Yes you read it right an APARTMENT COMPLEX! What a big change for the former Holiday Inn Bordeaux. This hotel has been well know in FAYNC for years and the time has come for it to say goodbye to our great city. With it saying goodbye there is a great hello on the other side waiting to be the new change.

The history of this hotel has both good and bad memories but we hope for a better outcome with these new apartments to be built there! Our city is changing and renovating one day at a time and we are honestly here for it! FAYNC definitely deserves upgrades and much more recognition than it has been getting in the past.

The Owen Drive complex will be located a half a mile south of Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in an area of FAYNC called Bordeaux. Which was named for a longtime shopping center on Owen drive that has a replica of the Eiffel Tower (which is one of Fayetteville’s landmarks).

Are you excited about this change!?

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