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Celebrating Milestones: What’s Next for FAYNC Magazine

What's good FAYNC MAG fam, your favorite writer/editor here keeping you updated with all things Fayetteville related. Our next issue will be released this upcoming summer not to mention we will also be celebrating the anniversary of our platform. Our vision for our next issue is to celebrate a significant milestone - our anniversary!

As we prepare to celebrate another year of creativity, inspiration, and community, we're excited to give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from this special edition. One interesting change that many may not be aware of is an updated mission and vision. As we continue to grow and evolve it’s only right that those changes be reflected in our foundation.

Our updated mission is to revolutionize traditional media platforms by providing a platform for the voices in our community that have yet to be heard. We strive to highlight positive, community-focused initiatives, organizations, businesses, and creatives in Fayetteville and North Carolina. We aim to create engaging and immersive content that integrates art, music, and culture to inform, educate, inspire, and empower our subscribers and followers to become community change-makers in Fayetteville, NC. Here at FAYNC MAG we believe this mission to be the core value of our organization. 

Along with an updated mission we also chose to enhance our vision for the magazine as well.

Our vision is to lead the way in creating and sharing innovative, cutting-edge content that sheds light on the history and evolution of Fayetteville and North Carolina. We aim to capture and reveal authentic narratives from our community and become the unifying entity for community-driven content through skillful and accurate articles, social posts, and storytelling. We envision a future where Fayetteville is known regionally and nationally for its continuously growing and evolving community of change-makers, with our media platform serving as the hub for this positive movement.

We believe that new changes are evidence of growth, therefore we embrace these new developments with open arms and excitement for the future unknown. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or just discovered us, we're honored to have you along for the journey. Stay tuned for the release of our summer anniversary issue as we unpack the history of the magazine, acknowledge the amazing hardworking team that makes all this possible and highlight our favorite moments from the previous four issues. This will definitely be an issue you don’t want to miss.


FAYNC Magazine Staff Writer/Editor

Photos by Jalantai McClendon


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