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Eclectic visionary artwork by Andrew Brooks, Vintage Vibes: "An ArtLife Art Experience" Exhibit

Wow! What a great experience this exhibition was! Our team had the opportunity to attend the opening of Vintage Vibes: "An ArtLife Art Experience" Exhibit to view the art By Andrew Brooks. Each art piece had its own story and perspective, and ranged from various sizes of over twenty large-scale acrylic and oil pen paintings on canvas ranging from 36” x 48” to 48” x 56” in size. The exhibit opening was held on Friday, January 6th from 6pm-9pm Downtown Fayetteville at the Arts Council. The art will be on display from Jan 6th-21st. So make sure you make your way down to the Arts Council to view the eclectic visionary artwork by Andrew Brooks.

This is what Andrew had to say to The Arts Council In Fayetteville,NC

“This is my first solo exhibit at The Arts Center gallery”, says Andrew Brooks. “Being able to showcase my work to a broader community is a game-changer for me because it’s an invitation for audiences to experience mainstream views of the urban culture.”

- Andrew Brooks

Wait! There's more! So there was also a movie screening that coencided with the art! The title of the movie is "What Would Picasso Do?". Andrew Brooks directed this film which follows the years-long journey of Dwayne’s very first piece of sold art, that launched his painting career, as it passes from owner to owner. Starring Mehki Adams, Ariel Paige, Nayjah Mickens, Vincent Sistrunk, JaVonte Hargrove, Ron Kelly, Sonia Debreczeni, Jessica Haley, Angela Deiss.

More about the film:

As a young, broke, and struggling artist trying to break through the cut-throat perceptions of art enthusiasts who simply do not understand and reject his creative direction, “What Would Picasso Do?” recounts the journey of Dewayne (played by Mehki Adams) whose years-long struggle ends abruptly when he lands the sale of his very first million-dollar painting, thus, launching his prosperous painting career.

Becoming a millionaire overnight, the quick money changes Dewayne’s lifestyle and perception of wealth and privilege in the world.

“What Would Picasso Do?” has been recently selected for viewing at the Black Panther International Short Film Festival and the Blue Dolphin Monthly Online International Short Film Festival.

About the Artist:

Andrew Brooks is a multi-talented creative and Army Veteran of the United States Military who has served in OIF. Obtaining an Associates of Arts degree at The Art Institute of Washington and now attending Full Sail University to gain a BA in Cinematography, he has pioneered his career within the film industry becoming an award-winning Free-Lance Editor and Director of Photography.

Andrew’s artistic style is rooted in Urban Abstract Expressionism, a mixture of styles and techniques learned from the progressive mentors of the movement (Ernie Barnes, George Condo, Frida Kahlo, Basquiat, Warhol, and Keith Haring).

Having worked for many networks such as HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Showtime, and Fox, Andrew’s filmmaking experience extends to directing over 10 short films and producing over 70 music videos. His featuring short film, “What Would Picasso Do?”, is now streaming on TubiTV and Amazon Prime.

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