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Fayetteville Stingers 1st Offical Press Conference

Whoa! The Fayetteville Stingers held their first offical press conference at The Crown Complex where their games will be played. This press conference was something the city has been waiting for in order to get more insight on the team as whole. We had the opportunity to be a part of this moment and was invited to be at the press conference. The environment was definitely a great one and our FAYNC MAG team definitely enjoyed it and we appreciate the invite! So far so good! All good news from The Stingers General Manager Raymond Phillips, Head Coach Robert Brickey, and Assistant Coach Don Gardner.

The Stingers are set to hit the court for their first home game March 10th which is a highly anticipated game/season! FAYNC is definitely excited for The Stingers to bring professional basketball back into the city. This will bring a great impact on our community as a whole not only for Basketball but from a city/community aspect. A family friendly environment of entertainment for the city of FAYNC. These games will be full of excitement, fun and all around vibes so this is something you dont want to miss out on. Team Market Owner Kenneth Bishop Jr. chose a great city to bring professional basketball. The city is ready to be in the stands rooting for and amping up The Stingers at all the home games! We have heard that from numerous people around FAYNC and cant wait to hear more great things when the season starts!

View Photos from the press conference here!

Photos Taken By FAYNC MAG Photographer Jamarious Simmons

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Watch The Full Press Conference Here!!

Here are a few quotes from the press conference!

“As a Coach I look forward to coaching but representing our city and community by working with the youth, our hometown heroes, our medical staff, our policemen, our fireman, military, educators etc. I’m excited for this buzz we have here”

- Assistant Coach Don Gardner

“This is not a fluke, this is not a fluke…Tge Fayetteville Stingers with the support of Fayetteville and surrounding cities The Stingers could be around here for a long time. I really believe that and I pray that everyone is just as excited as I am to have pro basketball here back In Fayetteville.” - Assistant Coach Don Gardner

“This team needs to have an impact on the community. Selling tickets and winning games is great but we got a greater purpose in mind which is we got to have a impact on this community with the young people, we got to have a safe family friendly environment for people to come out and have fun with their kids and families."

- Head Coach Robert Brickey

“We need to have players that are touchable. If you’ve ever been to an NBA game in the major league you can not touch those players. But these are players you can touch. They will be part of the community they will go out to the schools you will be able to talk to them prior to and after games. A lot of activity in the community.”

- Head Coach Robert Brickey

"It’s our plan to bring quality and affordable family entertainment to the city of Fayetteville and in its surrounding areas. We will bring professional basketball back to this great city. The Stingers will provide opportunities by hosting kids clinics to which we have already started. We plan to get out in these streets and clean. 6 times a year our team , staff etc will be out cleaning in the streets." - General Manager Raymond Phillips

“We plan to be role models for the next generation. We plan to host events for families outside of basketball because it’s not just about basketball for us. The thing I’m looking for to in 2023 is the ability to bring the community together. A positive way far beyond basketball” - General Manager Raymond Phillips

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