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FAYNC MAG Team: Artists and Community Leaders

Updated: Apr 8, 2023


— Jamarious Simmons

"I wanted to be a part of FAYNC MAG because I love the vision that was put into play. The vision allows and showcases how unique Fayetteville is and what it has to offer. I wanted to join the team as a photographer to create and have fun at the same time."


— Jalantai McClendon

"I wanted to be a part of FAYNC Magazine because there was finally an opportunity to join. Having met the team before and seeing how lovely everyone was on the team was an extra bonus. I’ve always wanted to be on a team somewhere to help take photos, but I love that it’s for this particular group/team. There are a lot of places that don’t get reported on for events, the places that do aren’t really for our people or activities that people in our community/demographic would be into to follow. This Magazine helps bring people in, posts frequently about the things that are happening in Fayetteville also. It also is growing tremendously and I’m just glad to be here to learn, help, and grow also with this amazing team."


— Alex Oliver

"Being born and raised in Fayetteville, I have always known this city has so many hidden gems. We have so much unseen talent and so many creative visionaries around this city, all that has been missing is a medium to tie them together. I'm excited to be a part of something I know can make that happen."


— Isaiah Ellsberry

"I wanted to be a part of this team in order to be a better service to my community. As a writer/editor I understand the power that words have and I believe that this city has so many stories to offer, someone just has to be willing to write them. Also,this city has a strong art/poetry community that doesn’t always receive the media attention it deserves. As a spoken word artist I knew jointing this team would help bridge the cap between media and local art throughout the FAYNC community. Not to mention, the opportunity to spotlight many upcoming local artist like myself."


— "SWT" Danielle Womack

"I wanted to be a part of FAYNC Mag because time is of the essence. We must work together while we have the sun! Being a part of the team plants joy in me as we grow together with the community. Wholeheartedly, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be around such amazing people and galactic artists; it warms my spirit and therefore inspires me."


— Toni Williams

"I wanted to be part of FAYNC Magazine because the goals for the magazine aligns with my personal goals. I wanted to be a part of this influential team so that I can make an impact on my community while working with some amazing people."


— Carla West

"For so long I was looking for a Tribe where I could undauntedly create, collaborate professionally with like-spirited people, and most of all...have fun! As an artist, it can be lonely sometimes and I'm glad to be in the company of some of Fayetteville's most talented artists. I also like how FAYNCMAG understands the power & responsibility of artists and chooses to use their super power for good...for the good of the community. I also enjoy how we all met serendipitously. I don't believe in coincidence. I'm sooo ecstatic to see how we continue to grow & where our creativity takes us 🌼"

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