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FAYNCMAG: Car Spotlight 001 Christopher Brown (Interview)

01 Tell us about yourself?

Hello, my name is Christopher Brown. I’ve been in Fayetteville, NC now for 10 years and am a master technician for Volkswagen at Valley Auto World here in Fayetteville.

02 Explain your vehicle model, type, color (inside and out) and year?

My vehicle is a 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line Black. The R-Line trim is an appearance package adding more aggressive bumpers and styling. The Black edition turns all the chrome accents black, making it look more sleek.

03 What made you choose to own this type of vehicle?

I chose this type of vehicle because of my growing family. I wanted the additional space for kids and/ or moving things around. I switched from a VW GTI.

04 What makes your vehicle superior to others vehicles?

What makes my vehicle “superior” to others is the ability for my vision to come to life. All the aftermarket modifications really set it apart from your typical buy off the lot car.

05 If you had to choose your favorite feature of your vehicle what would it be?

If I had to choose a favorite feature, it’s probably the digital dashboard. Apart from the typical instrument cluster, this one is fully digital and everything is on one screen, fully adjustable to your liking.

06 What is one of your best memories while owning this vehicle?

I make several memories in this vehicle because people stop me and just like to talk. They want to know about it and what motivated me to do so. The friends I’ve made from this car will be unforgettable.

07 Do you have any future plans with your vehicle?

Different color, body upgrade etc.

I don’t have any future plans at this time, as I’ve pretty much have done everything I’ve wanted thus far.

08 Would you recommend your vehicle model to others? Why?

I would recommend this vehicle to others because it’s very adaptable to multiple lifestyles. It’s affordable, obviously customizable, and reliable.

09 What is your social media name?

@thatdublife on Instagram.

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