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Get Acquainted With the Owners of FAYNC Magazine

We’ve announced our team so let's reintroduce you to the owners that created the vision of FAYNC Magazine! Myself, Founder + Editor In Chief, Zairis T. Miles; and my wife, Admin Lead + Art Director, Christina Miles.

As the Founder + Editor In Chief, @zairistejion I aim to ensure that FAYNC is shown in the best way possible as Fayetteville’s leading digital magazine. I value representing the best of Fayetteville and North Carolina, while making space for all of our communities to be equally represented.

As Admin Lead + Art Director, My wife, @cnmilez nurtures and cultivates the magazines brand and visual identity. Christina strongly believes in the power of art and design as a means to inform and a platform to unite our community. She looks forward to pushing out even more features, interactivity and innovation within the design of the magazine and FAYNC MAG brand.


As the owners of FAYNC Magazine we realize that our city of FAYNC has a lot of great things to offer. We don’t have to always venture to other cities to create things or experiences when we can build right here in FAYNC to better our city!
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