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The Fayetteville Stingers Final Tryout

YEAAAA!!! We are excited for this great new team to be a part of our great city of FAYNC!! The FAYNC MAG team was invited to an exclusive media only final tryout for The Stingers! WOW! what great talent and skills that we witnessed and we are beyond ready to see what the season has to bring. From the coaches to the potential players of the team a great job all around. This will be a season to remember, a season of great change for FAYNC and we are here for it!

First home game is approaching and will be March 10th at The Crown Complex 7:30pm against Central Flordia Force! Be sure to get your tickets in advance because this is one game/season you dont want to miss! The Fayetteville Ingaural season! For more Information pertaining to The Stingers and tickets click the link below!

Want to learn more about The Fayetteville Stingers Check out these links!

Be sure to watch the recap of the Final Tryout here:

Video by Zairis T. Miles

Check out some photos from the final tryouts below!

Photos taken by FAYNCMAG Photographers Pedro Fernandez & Zairis T. Miles

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